Tre’ Cool walked into our store one day…

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*A note from Shane*  As I blog about this near mint 1998 Tre’ Cool signature Slingerland Spitfire drum set that just came into Guitars on George, Jerry keeps suggesting statements like “Don’t be an American Idiot.  This set will leave you a basket case.  If you buy it, you’ll have the time of your life!”

*somebody help me.*

This set has hardly been played.  It even has the oiginal Tre’ Cool drumheads!  Here’s the original specs on this bad boy:

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Slingerland debuted it’s Tre Cool Signature Spitfire drum kit at Summer NAMM ’98. “Slingerland-they really make the best drums,” the drummer for multiplatinum hitmakers Green Day said. “They’re making a Tre Cool signature kit for me, which I’m totally psyched about. It’s gonna be called the Spitfire. . . the drums will sound great.”

Manufactured to Tre Cool’s specifications, the Tre Cool Signature Series Spitfire kit features an 11×14 mounted tom, a 16×16 floor tom, and a 16×22 bass drum, all finished in a unique, custom “Cool” green finish, along with a 6 1/2×14 chrome snare. All kits come complete with Tre Cool Signature drumheads, a custom black Tre Cool Signature logo bass drum head, as well as a heavy-duty, chain-drive bass drum pedal, and doubled-braced snare, cymbal and hi-hat stands. Six-ply shells with heavy-duty tom mounts, bass drum spurs, and floor to legs make the Slingerland Tre Cool Signature Spitfire kit rugged and durable.

Oops…I forgot to add pictures of the snare!

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