It’s Springtime at Guitars on George. Get yourself a new guitar!

We’ve been so busy getting more guitars, drums and gear in that we’ve not updated our poor little website!  Shame on us!  Well…here’s a tiny glimpse of the massive inventory we have in our cool little store:


We’re always suckers for “pawnshop prize” guitars from the 1960’s.  Teisco, Checkmate, Kent, Old Kraftsman…all those off-name brands are amazing players that just don’t get their due with some guitarists.  Hound Dog Taylor played guitars like these.  So does David Lindley.  Just plug one into a snarling tube amp and rock out.

Speaking of prizes, check out the 1920’s Martin Ukulele with original gig bag and 1960’s Harmony “Atom” Stratotone.


1967 Riveria by Epiphone. Today we have so many China Epiphones no one gives them much thought. But in the 60’s these guitars were highly sought after because of their quality (Made by Gibson) slim necks and great tone.



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