Rare D’Angelico Archtop Found in Trunk of Abandoned ’63 Cadillac


You just never know what you’re going to find in the trunk of an old car. This gorgeous 1942 D’Angelico Excel arch top in the back of a 1963 Caddy!  It is currently owned by Jerry Duncan of Guitars on George music store in York PA.

caddyThink of it…the classiest of jazz guitars, lost in time and hidden in the most appropriate of places, a ’63 Cad.

Not only does the guitar have its original music history, but it has a unknown legacy about the owner.  Was it his Cadillac?

But wait… we do know the original owner’s name!  On May 26, 1942 John D’Angelico completed and presented a Excel guitar to it’s new owner Earl Hutchins. We don’t know very much else about Mr. Hutchins except that he had wonderful taste in guitars and his nickname was “Buddy”. The name, “Buddy Hutchins” is engraved in one of the inlay blocks on the neck.

excel head

We don’t know how long it had been lost in the Cadillac. It has had loose braces re-glued, new pickguard made, top crack repaired and generally put back into original playable condition by noted East Coast luthier, Jeff Hostetter.

This 1942 D’Angelico Excel is ledger number is 1568...and it’s now for sale for $15,500 on eBay.

One more note:  We just ask that the purchaser not put it in the truck of their car when they pick it up.



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