We Buy Stuff!

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Guitars on George is actively buying guitars, amps, drums and other music gear.  If you’ve got it, we want to see it!

Guitars/basses: Any make/model.  We buy lots of newer guitars, starter instruments and more.  We’re also looking for vintage guitars such as Gibson, Fender and Martin.  Just bring it in…we want to see it!

Drums:  All sets.  We’re especially looking for older kits from the 40’s and 50’s.  If it’s too big to bring in for an appraisal, call us first.

Amps:  Again, we’ll consider everything.  If the amp really big or heavy and you don’t want to drag it in for an appraisal, call us first and we’ll discuss it.

We also buy other stuff!

  • Old Coins
  • Old Signs/Advertising – Any products
  • Old Jukeboxes, Pinball Machines & Other Coin Operated Items – from ’30s thru 50’s.  Any name, any condition
  • Gas Station Items – old pumps, air meters, signs and other items
  • Old Motorcycles – Harley, Indian & others from the ’20’s thru 60’s, any condition
  • Old Plastic Model Kits – 50’s thru ’70’s – prefer unbuilt kits, will look at all kinds
  • Old Metal & Tin Toys – from 30’s thru 70’s

Call Jerry Duncan:  717-650-2007

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